What You Should Know

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What is Roadvert Swift?

It's a fast install, fast change, full colour van graphic system. It is patented in the UK and the USA. The graphics fit in the window recesses on the sides and rear doors.

We found that magnetic signs were limited in their messaging capability. We wanted to make your van a mobile billboard for your company.

How does it work?

Roadvert Swift was developed by us and tested at the Motor Industry Research facility in England at speeds of up to 105MPH! The system works on high pressure at the front edge and low pressure at the rear allowing any air between the banner and the surface to escape creating a vacuum so the banner ‘adheres’ to the side and never needs tensioning.

Is it easy to install?

We can install or you can do it yourself.

I have a fleet of vans, do you give volume discounts?

Yes - just contact us with your fleet details and we will quote.

Does Roadvert Swift cause any damage to the van?

No. The frame can be removed with a special tool when the van is to be sold or go back to the leasing company. 

The system is manufactured to a very high industrial specification and has been tested for safety, speed trials up to 105 mph and washing trials to 70C. It is not Velcro©

Has Roadvert Swift been safety tested?

Yes. The System has been safety tested at the renowned Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) facility near Nuneaton.

How long has Roadvert Swift been used for?

Well over 10 years in the UK and the USA on all types of vehicles. We developed the self install programme because of demand to reduce prices.

How do I get new changeable ad banners after I have bought the first set?

Easily! Just contact us with your registration and supply the new ad artwork. We will quote and send your new banners within 10 days.

How do I remove Roadvert Swift frames?

We will send you instructions. It will take you 30 minutes for you to remove the frame. All that is needed is a tool that you buy from us when the time comes to return or sell your van.

Are Roadvert Swift signs weatherproof?

Yes. They have been tested to extreme temperatures cold and hot.

Can I use a car wash or jet wash with Roadvert Swift?

Yes - We have tested the washing capability and ink retention using a Karcher jet wash lance at a maximum temperature of 70C and as close as 200mm from the banner in spray setting with no damage. We have run the van test through car wash over 150 times with no effect to the Roadvert Swift System.